Every city of Pakistan carries the unique cultural value but Islamabad has its own merit as a capital smart city. It is also considered as the 9th most beautiful capital city all around the world. Its lush green environment, retentive natural views, residential and commercial area sect ionization and pre-sketched constructive plans make it distinguished from all other cities. Pakistan has also other cities which contain Cultural, Religious & Historical worth's. But Islamabad is considered as the most beautiful & amazing city in Pakistan. This would be not wrong if say that there is none a city like Islamabad.

But what makes the Islamabad different from other cities that attracts the foreigners & tourists. Here are some reasons that make us proud to be a part of Islamabad.

Capital Smart City Islamabad

Beautiful Rain of Islamabad

If you think that Islamabad looks mist in the winters try to visit Islamabad in the season of monsoon that makes Islamabad beautiful hills glorious & incredible with rain. Rain with the peaceful & clean environment. When it rains in Islamabad the clouds come down over the hills & houses that scene make it more attractive to the visitors & tourists.

Clean Environment

While the whole cities are complaining about the pollution, Islamabad is enjoying a very clean & peaceful environment. As the people of Islamabad are cleanliness lovers so they always keep their environment clean.

The Beauty of Stunning Margalla Hills

Margalla hills are encompassed near the Margalla Hills National Park Islamabad near Rawal Lake & Shakarparian. It covers an area of 31 thousand acre. That is the most famous visiting places of Capital Smart City. Try to visit these numerous places that make the journey more remarkable & memorable. The enchanting beauty of Margalla hills in the Capital Smart City Islamabad makes your mind refresh & relax. Margalla hill is a home for Hiker trails. The best time for hiking is in the start of the winter season when the weather is mild. Keep in mind that the terrain can be rough in some areas so don’t go alone.

Capital Smart City Islamabad

Rock Climbing

There is several rock climbing places to test your skills.

Wildlife in Margalla Hills

In the Capital Smart City, in the Margalla hills you will find more than 300 species of plants, 380 varieties of birds, 54 types of colorful butterflies, 20 types of reptiles, 39 kinds of beautiful fishes. So do not miss to enjoy this nature blessed by God.

The Scene of Eid Prayer on Every Friday

The design structure of the mosque and white pillars against the backdrop of Margalla hills are the numerous sights. Capital Smart City Islamabad the Friday prayer presents the scene of an Eid prayer.

Eye Catching Shopping Malls

Islamabad has so many eye-catching shopping malls to attract the local & foreign visitors.

The Hash Mall

The Hash Mall is the top leading shopping mall that exists in the middle of the top-ranked & largest society of Asia Bahria Town. Fully air-conditioned environment makes the visitors feel comfortable & relaxed. a complete set of luxuries having all the local and international brands to fulfill the customer's requirements.

Hash Residency

Hash Residency is another wonder in Islamabad by the Hashi Group of Companies. Its artistic & unique structure makes it prominent & different among others. The Hash Residency adds values in the beauty of Islamabad.

Shopping at Centaurus Mall

The great shopping Centaurus Mall is situated in the heart of the Capital city of Islamabad. That has been designed according to the requirements of the residents.