Covid 19 Effects On Education System. Education is the most important factor in every nation's developmental growth. The success of every country largely depends on the educational system. Some people in the world think that money is an important factor but that is wrong. Education is the only powerful source through which every economy gains. The rapid mobilization and as well as development. Not on only these perspectives the economy excel but also lead to a stabilized. And capital intensive platforms. In Pakistan, our educational system wasn’t so good from the initial stage. After the independence. But now it has been also extremely affected further more by the COVID-19. All the educational systems went down due to the closure of educational activities.

educational system

The students are suffering badly in the pandemic COVID-19. Situation because it is not possible to continue their educational system activities during this worst situation in the country. Education plays a vital role in the development of any country. No country can even imagine growing up without education. The country which is more developed has more literacy rates as compared to the under develop countries.

Now these days in Pakistan. The government has announced to close all the educational institutes. Due to the rapid spreading of the COVID-19. The government of Pakistan has closed all educational systems. And has reserved places to maintain social distancing for the prevention of this mournful disease. The learning process of the students has been stopped.

Online Education System

To overcome the educational crises. Many of the educational institutes of Pakistan has introduced online education. That has failed to reach quality education especially on the school level.

Scarcity of Internet Access

Another arising issue in Pakistan. less accessibility of the internet. Due to this prominent issue. It is not possible for all the students to take online classes to continue their education. The government of Pakistan must have to make special strategies. And also have to execute the sudden plans for the accessibility of the internet all over Pakistan.

How Education is being affected in Pakistan?

Our educational system is being affected so far because there are no proper measures in Pakistan to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. As well as there are more details are mention. Read it carefully. We are provide so many information about covide and many more.


Standard testing & admissions are being delayed in our educational system. Semesters has also been delayed as the teachers adopted new techniques of online classes, as well as only to switch learning materials of the students. It is prudent to mention that Pakistan. Has already high numbers of children that are out of school & as well as with this frequent closer to our educational system. But still in this critical crises, Pakistan is still taking a stand. Pakistan will have to make a proper strategy to enhance the educational sector to maintain economic stability in the country, real estate and other prominent sectors too.

Lesson for Pakistan

Pakistan is continuously solving many issues temporarily without taking the serious actions. COVID-19 has given a great lesson to our educational. Financial, managemental and constructional sectors. Not only these but has also played a vital role in the raising the inflation rate in the economy of the Pakistan. So Pakistan should focus in digitizing our educational system with modern techniques, to give internet accessibility all over the Pakistan. These measures should taken by the government of Pakistan, only to meet these uncertain situations so that our educational system could not face any serious issue further more in the future ahead.