This article is being drafted because we have found the Google results limited to dealer-infested links mostly show the prices and not the investment gains & opportunities. We don’t have anything against our own “dealer-braadri”. But we like to have our information served hot, as well as fresh, and juicy for the investors especially.
We have found valuable inform action piece about the hottest sectors/blocks to bet your money on for a profitable investment. Investment opportunities

Hash Real Estate & Builders

So the company hash real estate and builders is the leading Real Estate Company in Bahria Town phase 8. Hash Real Estate & as well as Builders gives durable & quality services in having dream property & homes. As well as Ingrained heritage of standard services makes them separate from others.

Top Best projects for investment in Phase 8

The Bahria Town’s Authority is busy in making a standard & as well as luxurious society for the best lifestyle lovers. Asia’s best shopping Malls are being established in the heart of Bahria Town. Following are top leading projects in Bahria Town Phase 8.

Hash Mall

The Hash Mall is from one of the top projects in Bahria Town phase 8. Offering a great opportunity for the investor to have more. Artistic structure of this Mall meets the international standard. This project is going to be the Bahria best commercial & as well as residential complex. Hash Mall has all the topmost national & as well as  international brands.

Liberty Mall

Liberty Tower is a grand commercial & residential project in Bahria phase 8, this Mall has 9+ floors. This entire complex is a symbol of luxury & comfort. Liberty Tower is equipped with the latest implements of modern living. It has a five-star design to provide its residents with a wonderful living experience with comfort. This project brought an amazing investment prospect for investors. 

Investment opportunities

Hash Residency

The Hash Residency is another iconic wonder in the middle of Bahria Town Rawalpindi by the Hashi Group of Companies. If you’re looking for the best ever investment of your life then do not waste your time.  Just invest in this glory of Bahria & as well as make your future. The best prime location & as well as scenic view with the statue of liberty the most wanted place in Bahria.

Dominion Mall

Dominion mall is another architectural wonder being formed in the locality of Bahria Town Rawalpindi. It sports an international archeological style and is being established on a vast area of Bahria phase 8. This mall is not going to be less than the other not able malls in the world. Construction of this mall has been started and it will be made open for business and trade with the public as soon. As well as it is the best mall in Bahria town. Accordingly to the new survey dominion mall is best as well as in perfect location.

Plots in Phase 8

Bahria Town Rawalpindi has 8 phases. Phase 1 to 7 are totally developed. Whether phase 8 is still is in the developing process.  Phase 8 Bahria town offers Pakistan’s best investment opportunities to the local & as well as foreign investors to gain more. Town is Asia’s best & largest society. The rates are increasing day by day because of the increase in the demands of the public.