Commercial & Residential are the two different terms of real estate having different meanings & purposes. Here you will get the difference between the commercial & residential real estate. Some of the real estate sectors only deal with commercial or residential property & some deal with both. commercial & residential

Commercial Property

Commercial property includes shops, offices, as well as plazas, industries. Markets, as well as warehouses & showrooms. The properties are usually located on the outskirt of the cities for business purposes.

Residential Property

Residential real estate includes homes, apartments, condos & flats for nuclear. And joint families for non-business purposes. The main purpose of residential property is accommodation.

Residential Real Estate


Every real estate property comes with a specific set of opportunities & purposes. Commercial real estate gives the opportunity for renting out the shops, offices, as well as plazas, warehouses & showrooms to get monthly rental income. Sometimes the investors sell the commercial property to get high returns. Whereas the residential real estate is usually utilized for renting out the houses. And flats & apartments to get rental income. Or for selling purposes to get maximum return. The investors can increase the rental incomes from domestic real estate by furnishing the homes, flats & apartments.

Capital Required

Comercial Property usually required large capital to invest. Because the commercial property is normally based on the construction of the projects. The projects required large capital for completion. However, household real estate usually requires less capital. Because it is concerned with the construction of homes, flats & apartments.

Maintenance Cost for Commercial & Residential Property

The maintenance cost for commercial property is more. Than the residential real estate property especially. Apart from the tax, commercial property has to pay a large percentage of water, electricity bills. And security due to the large consumption of these things. However, the maintenance cost for the residential real estate or property is low as compared to the commercial property.

Pool of Consumers

Due to an increase in the population, the demand for residency real estate. And property is increasing rapidly day by day. So the scope for the residential property is more. On the other hand, the demand for a commercial property depends on the market trends & as well as economic situation of the country. The increase of population also influenced the commercial property. As the population increases the people increase their income resources to generate more income to fulfill their basic needs.


The return in the commercial property is high. Because the commercial property has a variety of properties. On the other hand, the return on the residential real estate is less as the residential property only depends on the selling & renting out of the property.

Best Location For Commercial & Residential Real Estate

Bahria is considered as the best society of Pakistan for commercial. And domestic investment purposes as it has more demand all over Pakistan due to its iconic structure & peaceful environment.

During Financial Crises or Economic situations

Commercial property largely depends on the economic situations & trends of the country. Demand for commercial property falls during financial crises. However, the residential real estate or property isn’t much affected by the change in the economic situations of the country.

Hash Real Estate & Builders

Hash Real Estate & Builders are one of the successful commercial. And household property dealers of Pakistan that deals in Bahria town Rawalpindi & Islamabad having various prominent Commercial & Household projects.