Studio Apartments Hash Residency is the name of standard living. Having full of luxuries - the place of your dreams. It’s the best time to fulfill your dream to have a piece of Paradise on the land in Bahria Town Rawalpindi. So what are you waiting for? Book your unit for your bright future. The Hash Residency is giving all the facilities under one roof. This project is situated in the heart of Bahria Town - lake view junction where you cannot only increase tourism also increment and secure your investments.

Hash Residency studio apartments

Hash Residency studio apartments contain the comfortable. And as well as clean environment and easy accessibility to the commercial hub as well. This is a great opportunity to make safest investment for the business class to expand your business activities and future opportunities. These studio apartments has been designed according to the demand and purchasing power of the clients with easy installment programs. Hash Residency Studio Apartments has two categories furnished and non furnished apartments.

Studio Apartments1

One Bed Apartment

Hash Residency has ground plus 7 floors. Studio Apartments are from the second floor onwards and are available on very reasonable rates with easy 3 years easy installment plans. On the 2nd floor there are 10 apartments and 9 are single bed apartments that cover the area of 645sq to 919sq. On the third floor there are 10 apartment and as well as 9 are single bed apartments that cover the area of 640sq to 924sq. 

More floors:

The fourth floor also have 10 apartments in which 9 are single bed apartments that cover the area of 645sq to 901sq. The fifth floor has 7 apartments & as well as 6 are single bed apartment that cover the area of 896sq to 1304sq. 6th floor has total 7 apartments in which 3 are single bed apartments so as well as that cover the area of 747sq to 923sq. The seventh floor has total 6 apartments in which 2 are single bed apartments carry the cover area from 1133sq to 1407sq.

Two Bed Apartment

Studio Apartments are starting from the second floor of the Hash Residency. Second floor has 1 two bed apartment that covers the area of 1059sq. Third, fourth and fifth floors also has 1 two bed apartments that cover the area of 1044sq, as well as 1000sq & 1057sq onwards. sixth floor has 4 two bed apartments that cover the area of 1068sq to 1292sq. As well as in seventh floor also have 4 two bed apartment that covers the area of 1203sq too 1391sq. So choose the life style of your own choice & dream. Find your best place for your living.

Studio Apartments 2

Luxury Apartment

Hash Residency is offering the single & two beds furnished & as well as non furnished Studio Apartments in Bahria town Rawalpindi, having great business opportunity as well. The place of your dream that has full luxuries of life. You can enjoy all the luxuries under one roof like brands, food court, salons, as well as gymnasium, well known commercial outlets and residential units.

Hash Residency

The Hash Residency is being established here in the heart of bahria town having shops. Food court, as well as hotel suites and studio apartments. This place of your dreams has brought an eminent chance to raise your living standards and your monetary investments as well.