Punjab Police has Launched an App KAROBAR AITEMAD to trace criminal records.

Punjab Police allegedly launched a new app. It will allow the residents to check the criminal records of their tenants, domestic help, and employees with a few taps on their mobile screen. All they need to download the App, enter the CNIC number of the individual they want to trace the record. And then search the details.

This app will not only help the employers and landlords to make a well-informed decision while hiring or renting out their home. but it will also ensure their safety. In short, the Punjab Police app will be able to check criminal records online.

Once the information is processed, the residents will receive an SMS with details about the person. The authorities will also follow it up with necessary action.


The law requires the residents to register their tenants, employees, and domestic help with the police. It makes the law enforcement agencies enable to have information about all the individuals living and working in the neighborhood.

However, the registration process would be done through the Punjab Police Khidmat Markaz. Where they will have to submit the CNIC photocopies of both parties. As well as the photographs of the person who is being registered and an affidavit among other documents.

Though the current process is already pretty straightforward. However, this app has made it more convenient and hassle-free. Along with carrying out a criminal record check by CNIC, the app will also enable employers and homeowners to register their workers and tenants with the police.

Speaking to the media, DIG of Punjab informed the public that the app will be available soon for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Until then, the citizens will be able to download it from the Punjab Police official website.

However, the Karobar Aitemad app is the latest measure to make Punjab the safest and most secure province in Pakistan.

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