Real Estate Islamabad, top investment opportunities

Real Estate Islamabad, Top Investment Opportunities. 

Whether it is a family get-together or an official function there is always a group of people. Discussing the best real estate Islamabad investment. However, Investment in real estate has proved to be profitable. If you keep some considerable factors in mind like location, developers, property type, etc. Likely, some of the investors follow high risk-high return rules. In the same way. Some argue that all of the funds should be invested and reinvested in the business. Similarly, old and retired personnel prefer owning land and an additional source of income by investing in rental property.


Capital territory Islamabad has its own importance due to many reasons.

What Qualities make Islamabad a Desirable Investment Place?

This beautiful and developed city is ranking very high in the world of modern real estate. As well as, this is a land of opportunity, dependability, and attainments. Moreover, in recent times where the population is growing very fastly. This city is offering very fine and great possibilities to the investors. In addition, it is and will remain one of the best places to invest in real estate even in the coming years. The real estate Islamabad investment potential can be measured through the following factors which are given below:

  1.  Average property price

  2.  Local Economy

  3.  New Construction

  4.  Number of Sales in the area

Now let’s discuss in detail where are the best places to buy an investment property in Islamabad.

What Makes a Housing Society Good?

Choosing a housing society can be a daunting task for investors in Islamabad. As it is full of attractive housing schemes.

Here we will brief you on the top real estate Islamabad hot spots. We have made deep research to provide reliable information regarding projects to have a real comfort of life.

We have picked the top 5 projects considering the following important factors that make a housing society good.

  1. Location

  2. Sound Developers

  3. NOC

  4. Development Speed

  5. High Liquidity

Real Estate Islamabad, Top Projects:


Following are the top best real estate project, offering amazing investment opportunities;


This iconic project offers an ideal place to invest if you’re finding the safest place to invest in Real Estate Islamabad. And, it is being projected by the Hash Real Estate & Builders.

Hash Real Estate & Builders are well-known for providing outclass facilities to the residents. As well, this project is also developed with some exceptional facilities along with scenic views at prime locations. Some of the prominent features are here;

Tennis Court

Bowling alley

kids play area


food court

infinity pools




The Hash Mall is an upcoming commercial hub to bring the ultimate shopping experience.  Being developed by the Hash Real Estate & Builders.  Moreover, The Hash Mall is a source to set major local and international retail brands. In short, it is going to be a traditional yet modern shopping experience in Real Estate Islamabad.

What does The Hash Mall Offer?

Built over 6.5 kanals with Ground + 14th-floor, the mall will be a landmark at Bahria Town. It is located near Lake View Junction phase 8. A double basement is kept for parking purposes, lower ground, ground & 1st floor offers luxury shops. 2nd floor is for Foodcourt, 3rd floor for SPA, Mini Golf Club, Cinema,  Gaming Zone, GYM & Kids Play Area. Moreover, the 4th & 5th floors are reserved for offices. However, the 6th to 13th floors offer luxury 1 & 2-Bed Apartment with Duplexes. 14th-floor is specifically for Hotel Suites & 3-Bed Apartments. In Short, it’s a full fun land with features for the residencies in Real Estate Islamabad.

Why invest in The Hash Mall?

The Hash Mall has opened its booking for investment area in the shopping mall with a 25% down payment. However, the rest of the amount can be paid in easy 4-year easy installment plans. Furthermore, the project is expected to be completed within 3 years.

In addition to this, the shops are available at investor rates.  However, as soon as the construction work will get developed, prices will surge with the rise in demand.


The Mall is located in Bahria Town Phase 8, Rawalpindi. Bahria Phase 8 is in its developing stage so the rates are affordable. So, this prime location has become an attractive spot for investors. Moreover, A snapshot of the Google map of the Mall will help you to understand the exact location of the project. 

Click here to get the Location of The Hash Mall on google.

Layout Plan of the Mall:

Besides the designs & layouts, the Real Estate Islamabad developers have paid special emphasis on the structure of the Shopping Mall.

You can download the layout plan given below to see the details.

The Hash Mall-Layout Plan.

Payment Plan of the Mall:


The payment plan is divided as the placement of the floors. As well as you can download the detailed payment plan and floor plans of The Hash Mall. You can also download The Hash Mall App to know more.

2 Hash Residency:

This project is based on the construction of villas and apartments in the prime location of Islamabad. In addition, it is an elite commercial & Residential project; the demands and prices have to go up yet.

And being projected by the well reputable and trusted entrepreneurs Hashi Group of Companies. Moreover, the project offers a ground + seven-story building having Shops, Apartments, Hotel Suites & penthouses. As well as the availability of a rooftop swimming pool makes it an ideal place to live.

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